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Questions about playing/training

Q. I would like my four-year old child to play football, is this possible?
A. Yes – AFC Worthing Youth run our ‘Junior Atoms‘ sessions for children of this age.

Q. Do you offer free taster training sessions?
A. Yes, we prefer if new players come to a training session before committing to join a team, however before coming to a training session we do ask that a player application form is completed.

Q. My daughter wants to play football, do you have girl’s only teams?
A. The Club has been fortunate in having one of the most successful girls teams in Worthing. Girls are more than welcome to join any one of the teams at AFC Worthing Youth. A number of the girls who have played for AFC Worthing Youth have gone on to play for Brighton and Hove Albion’s girls teams. To register your daughter with the Club simply complete the player application form.

Q. Is it correct there are no league matches for Under 11’s in the 2015/16 season
A. Yes, this is correct. The FA want to develop players up until the Under 11 age-group and thus competitive league football now commences when children reach the Under 12 age-group.

Q. Will I be expected to pay for kit?
A. Standard Club kit provided to the players includes: shirt, shorts and socks. Training tops, jackets and other Club accessories may be available to buy at an additional cost.

Q. What should be worn for training?
A. Players should wear comfortable kit, in the winter players should wear under armour (or an equivalent).

Q. When are matches played?
A. Matches of all age groups are usually played on a Sunday.

Q. Will matches always be played at the same time?
A. It is not always possible to play matches at the same time, this is more so the case with away games where the fixtures secretary of the opposing Club sets match times.

Q. Are all home games in the same location?
A. The Club currently plays in three locations, these are Broadwater Green, Homefield Park and Fernhurst Drive.

Q. When is training?
A. Most teams train on a Saturday morning at Broadwater Green between 9am and 11:30am.

Q. Do any teams train midweek?
A. Yes, a few of the older age-groups do train during the week.

Q. Is training all year round
A. No, training typically commences in August and carries on through to May. Coaches do have the option to carry-on past the end of May. Details will be published at the start of the season.

Q. My son/daughter cannot play in match, who do I tell?
A. We recognise that illness, family events, commitments may prevent a player from playing in match. If your child cannot play when selected for a match squad then please let the team coach know as soon as possible.


Membership fees

Q. Why do we have to pay membership fees?
A. AFC Worthing Youth charge a nominal fee for a full season. The membership fee helps pay for training equipment, pitch fees (to the council), insurance, for match referees as well as continued training and development for Club coaches.

Q. Who looks after the Club’s finances?
A. AFC Worthing Youth’s accounts are administered by the Club Treasurer who sits on the Club Committee.

Q. Are you a Limited Company?
A. No, AFC Worthing Youth is a volunteer organisation – none of the volunteers are paid a salary. Any money the Club receives is invested in equipment and facilities for the players and coaches.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?
A. No, unlike other Clubs, AFC Worthing Youth do not charge additional match fees. The only occasion the Club may ask for additional help is if indoor facilities are required during the winter months should local recreational grounds are not deemed safe to train/play on.

Q. How much are membership fees
A. Fees for the season are structured as follows:

  • Junior Atoms – £35.00 per year
  • Under 7’s and 8’s – £75.00 per year
  • Under 9’s,10’s and Under 11’s Divas – £100.00 per year
  • Under 11’s, 12’s, 13’s, Under 13’s Divas, 14’s – £125.00 per year
  • Under 16’s Divas and Veterans @ £150.00 per year

Q. Do you offer a sibling discount
A. Yes, every subsequent child that is a Club member will receive an additional 10% discount on annual fees.

Q. Can I pay online?
A. At the current time the Club accept cash or cheque only.

Q. When are annual fees due
A. We look to sign players on and take payment for the following season on Club signing-on night, but at the latest before the start of the season.

Q. Can I pay in instalments?
A. Yes, the Club will accept payment in two instalments. All fees must be paid by 31st August (before the season commences).



Q. How do I become a coach for one of the teams?
A. Becoming a coach starts with the completion of the coaching application form. In order to take full control of a team you will required to participate in the following courses:

– Level One Coaching
– Safeguarding
– First aid
– Completed CRC

Q. What is required to become a coaching assistant?
A. Coaching assistants need to have passed the following:
– Safeguarding
– First aid
– Completed CRC

Q. I already have a current CRC, why do I need to apply again?
A. As part of the Club’s Charter Standard accreditation, the Club is required to follow FA procedure. This involves insuring any volunteer that works with the children is registered to do so with the Club. it may be possible to transfer an existing CRC from outside of football, the Club Welfare Officer will be able to discuss this further

Q. Do I need to be qualified to be a coach to manage a team?
A. Yes, all of our team coaches are trained to a minimum Level one FA Coaching Standard.

Can I apply for a CRC online
A. Yes you can, but the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) will still need to see your original ID documents.These can be verified online as well.

Will I need an FA FAN number to volunteer at the Club?
A. Yes, if you do not have one you can apply for one by visiting the FA – FAN Number

Do you have a list of what documents are required for CRC/DBS?
A. Yes, please view the official list of accepted documents – CRC ID document list

What constitutes ab ‘in-date’ or current CRC?
A. To be ‘in-date’ means:

  • CRBs (the former name) with an issue date prior to 2010 need to be renewed before 1st September 2014
  • CRB/CRCs with issues date of 2010,2011 or 2012 needs to be renewed before 1st September 2015
  • CRCs issues in 2013 should be renewed in line with the FA three-year renewal policy – i.e before 1st September 2016


Child safety

Q. Can my child attend training sessions without a parent?
A. Children over the age of 14 are permitted to travel independently to training provided a parental consent form has been completed and filed with the Club Welfare Officer.

Q. Do you have an anti-bullying policy
A. Yes, please read the Club’s child protection policy.



Q. How do you choose your sponsors?
A. The Club are fortunate to enjoy fantastic support from local businesses, we are always happy to welcome new sponsors to further support the development of the children and coaches as well as helping with the funding of new equipment. To enquire about sponsorship opportunities email the Club committee at


Leagues and match reports

Q. My child’s full name does not appear in the match report, why?
A. To protect the anonymity of the players and to adhere to FA child safety regulations as such the Club does not publish the full names of our players.

Q. Why are the results not published for the Under 11’s, 10’s, 9’s, 8’s and Under 7’s teams?
A. As from the 2015/16 season all games up until the age of 12 are developmental only. Results are recorded by the Club and FA, but are not used to ‘place’ teams in an official league table format.


About the Club

Q. Who runs the Club?
A. The Club has a Committee that meets once a month. The Committee is responsible for player and coach welfare along with helping to help the Club founder ush forward with a visions for the future. Find information on the Committee.

Q. What is presentation night?
A. This annual event takes place in early part of the Summer. Presentation night allows AFC Worthing Youth players to be recognised for their efforts and achievements over the course of the season. The event also allows the Club to thank parents, coaches and coaching assistants for their support throughout the season.

Q. What is signing on night?
A. This annual event allows players to come to a central location to ensure all required paperwork is completed in one evening and to start team planning for the forthcoming season.

Q. The season has already started, can my child still join a team?
A. Yes, this is usually possible but is dependent on whether the team are at capacity, please email for further information.

Q. Does the Club have a social media policy?
A. Yes, please find take time to read the Club’s social media policy.

Q. Who do I contact about with regard a suggestion to improve the Club.
A. We are always looking for ways to improve, please feel free to email the Club Committee at

Q. I would like to get involved with the Club, how can I go about doing so?
A. Everyone connected with the AFC Worthing does so in a voluntary capacity.

Q. I would like to invite AFC Worthing Youth to participate in our Club’s tournament, who should I contact?
A. Please email

Q. I would like to invite AFC Worthing Youth to participate in our Fun day, who should I contact?
A. Please email

We hope we have answered all your questions, should there be an something else you need information on then email the club on

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