AFC Worthing Youth Divas

Craig Punter - Divas Head Coach

Divas Head Coach: Craig Punter

“I applied what talent I had kicking around the county league with Arundel and East Preston for a few years until work and family commitments took over! I have also worked for Albion in the community disability department where I completed my coaching badges; this gave me a great experience. To see young children progress but more importantly enjoy being part of a team that helps build self-esteem and confidence is what makes it all worth while.”

Words to inspire: Try your best and never give up.

Coach facts

Position: Left/ centre midfield
Foot: Left only, rights for standing on
Favourite Team: Spurs
Favourite Current Player: Messi
Favourite ground: Nou Camp
Hero: Paul Gascoigne

AFC Worthing Youth Under 13’s

Paul Arnold - U13's Head Coach

Under 13’s Head Coach: Paul Arnold

“Like my own sons today and all the boys in our U11s squad I spent my childhood playing football every day in the playground, down the park with friends and at the weekends for a great Youth club. I did it because it was fun and I continued playing 6 a side into my 20s.

I have led the coaching team for the U13s for the last 7 years and all of them have been a pleasure.”

Words to inspire: Be the best you can be.

Coach facts

Foot: Right
Favourite Team: Liverpool
Favourite Current Player:Leighton Baines
Favourite ground: Nou Camp
Hero: Terry McDermott

AFC Worthing Youth Under 12’s Youth

Richard Hack

Under 12’s Youth Head Coach: Richard Hack

“During my playing days I played most of my football in the County League. I played for Storrington FC, Worthing United, Arundel and towards the end Sompting. I also made the Sussex team during the good old days. Having the opportunity to coach youth football is the most rewarding and enjoyable experience I’ve encountered within this great sport.”

Words to inspire: Train hard, work hard and be the best

Coach facts

Position: Everywhere
Foot: Right
Favourite Team: Manchester Utd
Most admired current player:Sam Hack
Favourite ground: Dripping Pan
Hero: Eric Cantona

AFC Worthing Youth Under 12’s Atoms

Jamie Smith

Under 12’s Stars Head Coach: Jamie Smith

“My passion for football has carried on since I finished school. I played for Wick in County League, then onto Sunday League Sussex for The Clifton FC who were the top Worthing team winning over ten titles. I’ve only been coaching with Worthing AFC for a short time and can honestly say there’s nothing more rewarding than training hard and seeing the rewards.”

Words to inspire: Winners never quit and quitters never win

Coach facts

Position: Centre Half
Foot: Right
Favourite Team: Chelsea
Most admired current player:Frank Lampard
Favourite ground: Stamford Bridge
Hero: Gianfranco Zola

AFC Worthing Youth Under 12’s Stars

Olly Sampson - Under 12's Stars Head Coach

Under 12’s Stars Head Coach: Olly Sampson

“Coming from a multi sports background I am mad about almost any sport and as my boys took to football I wanted to help. Keeping active, coaching the boys and watching them achieve their personal goals in AFC Worthing Youth brings great satisfaction to me.”

Words to inspire: And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Coach facts

Position: Goalkeeper
Foot: Either
Favourite Team: Arsenal
Most-admired current player: Jack Wilshere
All-time player hero: Gazza
Favourite ground: Emirates

AFC Worthing Youth Under 12’s Stars

Sid Rogers - Under 12's Stars Coach

Under 12’s Stars Coach: Sid Rogers

“Like a lot of coaches I played youth football for my school followed by some Sunday league football, after I gave up the Sunday football I played in the 5 aside leagues for some years before I had to give that up due to injury and old age. Iv now been coaching for five years with youth teams which I really enjoy. “

Words to inspire: The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Coach facts

Position: Right back
Foot: Right
Favourite Team: Chelsea
Most-admired current player: Eden Hazard
All-time player hero: Gianfranco Zola
Favourite ground: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

AFC Worthing Youth Under 12’s Galaxy

John Burton - Under 12's Galaxy Coach

Under 12’s Galaxy Head Coach: John Burton

“Like a lot of people I started playing football at school, progressing to 5 and 6 aside as I got older and now that I sit in an office all day, I have moved into the coaching side of things. I have however managed to accrue some very useful qualifications over the years – must have known it was coming.”

Words to inspire: Train Hard, Play Hard!

Coach facts

Position: Goalkeeper/Centre half
Foot: Right
Favourite team: Liverpool
Favourite ground: Anfield
Most-admired current player: Jordan Henderson
All-time hero player: Robbie Fowler

AFC Worthing Youth Under 10’s Youth

Andy Kerr - Under 10's Head Coach

Under 10’s Head Coach: Andy Kerr

“Like most coaches in youth football, I spent a few decades attempting to play the game – the charitably minded would say ‘at a decent level’ – before injury and old age got the better of me. But bygones are bygones: I can honestly say I enjoy coaching far more than I ever did playing – and I loved to play.”

Words to inspire: The harder you try, the faster you learn

Coach facts

Position: Centre half
Foot: Left
Favourite ground: City Ground
Favourite team: Nottingham Forest
Most-admired current player: Steven Gerrard
Hero: Sir Bobby Moore

AFC Worthing Youth Under 9’s

Joshua James - Under 9's Head Coach

Under 9’s Head Coach: Joshua James

“I am a young coach that has studied FA Level 2 Football Coaching. I enjoy mentoring players to help them improve on and understand the Technical and Tactical sides of football. My aim when coaching is to create a positive environment that allows players to be creative and learn how to improve there game in a fun and effective manor.”

Words to inspire: Being wrong and making mistakes is how we learn whats right and how to do it correctly, If you have that mindset you can achieve anything.

Coach facts

Position: Central Midfield
Foot: Left
Favourite Team: Newcastle United FC
Favourite ground: Amsterdam Arena
Most-admired current player: Luka Modric
Hero: Pele

AFC Worthing Youth Under 8’s Youth

Roger Langmaid - Under 8's Head Coach

Under 8’s Head Coach: Roger Langmaid

“After helping out with the under 11’s for many years I thought I could help the next generation of youngsters. As long as they enjoy themselves that is the main thing. It always surprises me that all the children now try all these new tricks without a second thought and can do things that I couldn’t even dream of when I was their age. I think they get better and better and I think that’s great.”

Words to inspire: As long as you try your best and there is no such word as can’t!

Coach facts

Position: Centre mid or Centre half
Foot: Right
Favourite Team: Liverpool
Most-admired current player: Steven Gerrard
Favourite ground: Wembley
Hero: Steven Gerrard

AFC Worthing Youth Under 7’s

Lee Harkin - Head Coach

Under 7’s Head Coach: Lee Harkin

“I’ve always loved playing our beautiful game; from school teams, to local youth teams, university first team and then senior football in both the midlands and the sunny south coast. The friendship, enjoyment, competition and fitness that the game brings is second to none. The opportunity to help inspire a new generation of kids to fall in love with our beautiful game is more than a substitute for not being able to play any more.”

Words to inspire: With honesty, hard work and perseverance you’ll get there; and make real friends along the way.

Coach facts

Position: Left Side Mid-Field or Left-Back
Foot: Left
Favourite Team: Derry City / Brighton & Hove Albion
Favourite ground: Brandywell (home of the mighty candy stripes – Derry City)
Most-admired current player: Steven Gerrard
Hero: Paul Scholes

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