Invitation Cup Final – Sunday 27th April at Arundel FC

Sunday 27th April, Arundel FC, Under 10’s Invitation Cup Final


AFC Worthing Youth Atoms 1 – 3 Worthing Dynamos

What a day! Sunday 27th April saw our Under 10’s Atoms compete in their Invitation Cup Final against Worthing Dynamos. From start to finish it was a day full of emotions, enjoyment and a feeling of pride.

Pre-match build-up

The players, parents, coaches and managers were met at Broadwater Green by the coach and travelled jubilantly over to Arundel. The atmosphere was one of nervous excitement, and that was just the club coaches!! Team spirit was building on the journey over and by the time we arrived, the team was more than ready to do their very best.

On our arrival it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, a big thank you to all our other players from various teams within our club and their parents for coming over to support our under 10’s Atoms.

Our team and their coaches inspected the pitch before heading to the changing rooms for their pre-match team talk. Out they came with their heads held high, and huge smiles on their faces to begin the formalities and handshakes with all the match officials, cup sponsors and of course the opposition.

By this time the crowd was beginning to find its voice and with cameras poised it was time for kick off. It can only be described as ‘end to end stuff’ both teams played their hearts out and it was a fantastic game of football to watch. But what can I say when our goal went in……….the noise our spectator’s made was just enormous!!!!!

Not quite our day

However, the result did not go our way and although they gave their all, the final score was AFC Worthing Youth Atoms 1- 3 Worthing Dynamos. Our boys did not stop running, tackling or passing until that final whistle went. As the team’s head coach Richard Hack said to me, ‘these lads are full of will and determination. If you lose because you haven’t tried hard enough then you can be upset, but if you have given your all and lose, then hold your heads up high, there’s no shame in that.’ We can safely say, they gave their all on that pitch. Richard and his team of coaches are so very proud of each and every one of the players and they behaved like true sportsmen in applauding their opponents even in defeat. The whole team were great ambassadors for our wonderful club and we are very proud of you and what you achieved this season.

Post-final fun

The occasion was rounded off with a BBQ and pool party at the lovely Jane & John Cole’s house, and we would like to thank them very, very much for having us all. It was a fantastic end to a fantastic day and the children certainly had a wonderful time. Possibly the best bit was getting to throw Pete Ifould, Under 10’s head coach into the pool fully clothed!!!!

I’d like to say a big thank you also to Cat Smith who designed our match day program, and my biggest thank you goes to our parents, or as they are affectionately known, our ‘Choir’, for being there on Sunday and being the best supporters by far.

And on that note there must have been 300+ people shouting and cheering on their team but 2 voices could still be heard above them all……guess who?????

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