McDonald’s FA Community Fun Day Cancellation

Dear Coach/Volunteer/Parent/Friend/Visitor

Today was meant to be a great occasion to celebrate our merger with Ferring FC and publicise our great club, community, parents and amazing players.

Having watched the weather all week, I thought it would be rain that got the better of us. Today, as happens in football, we were beaten by a tough adversary.  When we arrived at 7am this morning, we knew immediately there was an issue with the strength of the wind. Much of the fun day centred around a set of inflatable equipment supplied by McDonald’s. The 5-a-side pitch, Powershot, Powersave, Inflatable Goal and Human Table Football were all key activities. Sadly, with the strength of the wind, the use of the equipment was just not feasible. The safety of all our guests was our primary concern. It was with heavy hearts we took the decision to cancel the day.

As the morning progressed, the ferocity of the wind increased. The decision to cancel was the correct one.

I want to thank all of the volunteers who gave up time in planning, helping, baking, creating for the event. As the saying goes, we will ‘go again’. To all the McDonald’s and FA team members who work behind the scenes, a big thank you for all of your help.

We’re all gutted not to have the opportunity to meet our ambassador for the day, Kelly Smith. We hope we get to cross paths with Kelly in the future.

If you travelled to the event to find it was not on, please accept our sincerest apologies. We did all that was possible to get the message out once we knew we had to cancel. I hope that when we get to go again you will still join us.


Very best wishes

Lee Colbran
Ferring Youth